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Current Rates


Welcome to the Wyoming Government Investment Fund 

The Wyoming Government Investment Fund (“WGIF” or the “Fund”) was created July 1, 1996, to provide cash management investments designed exclusively for Wyoming public entities. In addition, the Fund provides municipal investors with a full range of tools for meeting their cash flow and investment needs, including comprehensive investment management services, education and client service support. WGIF is sponsored by the Wyoming School Boards Association ("WSBA") and the Wyoming Association of Municipalities ("WAM").

Investments designed for Wyoming local governments

The Fund and its various services provide Participants an opportunity to maximize their income while maintaining safety, liquidity and yield as their primary investment objectives. Currently, the Fund offers eligible Participants two professionally managed investments options:

  • WGIF Liquid Asset Series: A fully liquid, stable net asset value (NAV) investment option that enables Participants to pool their short-term funds for a common investment, offering same-day liquidity and an opportunity to earn a competitive yield. The Liquid Asset Series stresses "safety of principal" as its number one objective and has earned a AAAm1 rating by Standard and Poor's.
  • WGIF TERM: For Participants with known cash flows, this investment option, rated AAAf by Fitch Ratings2, offers an opportunity to optimize interest earnings by securing a fixed interest rate for a fixed period of time. Maturities range from 60 days to one year. Investment principal and interest are paid at maturity and automatically sweep into Participants’ WGIF Liquid Asset Series accounts.

Why invest with WGIF?

These attributes set WGIF apart:

  • WGIF is the state’s only investment program sponsored by WSBA and WAM;
    WGIF is owned and operated by the Fund’s Participants, helping to ensure that the Fund remains focused on the particular needs of Wyoming’s public entities;
  • The Fund’s Participants elect members of the Board of Directors to govern WGIF – a Board that represents Participants of the Fund; and
  • The Board of Trustees is responsible for overall management of the Fund, including formulation and implementation of investment and operating policies.

Specialized service options  

In addition to the Fund, WGIF Participants may also take advantage of other investment services provided by its Investment Adviser, PFM Asset Management LLC (“PFMAM”).

  • Fixed-Income Investment Program: This program enables WGIF Participants to invest individually in government securities, certificates of deposit (“CDs”) and other fixed income investments permitted by Wyoming law.
  • Individually Managed Portfolios: WGIF Participants can also opt for an individually tailored portfolio– an approach for meeting specific investment objectives and seeking to maximize results.
  • Bond Account Management (“BAM”) Program: BAM offers Participants a comprehensive strategy and portfolio for proceeds of tax-exempt and taxable financings, among other services.

The WGIF Board selects various professional organizations to provide services to the Fund.  

For more information

To find out more about how WGIF can meet your needs, please contact a Fund representative at 1-866-249-9443.

1 Standard & Poor's fund ratings are based on analysis of credit quality, market price exposure, and management. According to Standard & Poor's rating criteria, the AAAm rating signifies excellent safety of investment principal and a superior capacity to maintain a $1.00 per share net asset value. However, it should be understood that the rating is not a "market" rating nor a recommendation to buy, hold or sell securities. For a full description on rating methodology, visit Standard & Poor's website (Standard & Poor's).

2 The AAAf rating reflects Fitch Ratings’ (“Fitch”) review of the Term program’s investment and credit guidelines, the portfolio’s credit quality and diversification, as well as the capabilities of PFM Asset Management LLC as investment adviser. It indicates the highest underlying credit quality (or lowest vulnerability to default). However, it should be understood that this rating is a not “market” rating nor a recommendation to buy, hold or sell the securities. For a full description on rating methodology visit

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This information is for institutional investor use only and not for further distribution to retail investors and does not represent an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any fund or other security.  Investors should consider the Wyoming Government Investment Fund’s (“WGIF”) investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses before investing in the WGIF. This and other information about WGIF is available in the WGIF’s current Information Statement, which should be read carefully before investing. A copy of the WGIF’s current Information Statement may be obtained by calling 1-866-249-9443; and is available on the WGIF website (  While the WGIF Liquid Asset Series seeks to maintain a stable net asset value of $1.00 per share and each WGIF TERM Series seeks to achieve a net asset value of $1.00 per share at its stated maturity, it is possible to lose money investing in WGIF.  An investment in WGIF is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency.  Shares of WGIF are distributed by PFM Fund Distributors, Inc., member Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) ( and member Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) ( PFM Fund Distributors, Inc. is an affiliate of PFM Asset Management LLC.

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